Monday, October 17, 2016

512 Rocks! #512rocks! Rock Treasure Hunt in Austin

Want a fun activity you can do with you kids?   Have you heard of 512 Rocks!?  512 Rocks! is a way for anyone to create public art and share it via treasure hunt.   512 Rocks was inspired by another group in Memphis,Tennessee called 901 Rocks.   "512" is Austin’s area code and of course "Rocks!" would be actual rocks that are decorated and place in public open space for other to enjoy. 

The rules are simple:
1)    Find a rock and paint it.   Smooth river rock works and acrylic paint and paint pens work best.  Seal with acrylic sealer if you want it to last.
2)    Tag the rock with #512Rocks! or 512Rocks!
3)    Hide it somewhere in the Austin area.
4)    Post and share if you find or hide a rock.

If you find a rock you can keep it or hide it in a new location.  Share a photo of your painted rocks or the ones you have found don’t forget to tag the photo with #512Rocks! as well.  You can even post a clue in the 512 Rocks! Facebook group if you want people to find it.   This is closed group you will need to request permission. 

See Instagram photos of the rocks here #512rocks to give you some ideas.

Happy painting and hiding rocks!

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