Tuesday, October 25, 2016

High Tea at the Café Ruckus in downtown Austin.

The Café Ruckus is a locally owned coffee shop every day of the week but on Sunday’s they close their doors to serve high tea.    They only have 1 one time available 2:00 PM and you make reservations and pay for the tea in advance.  Click here to make reservations.  They have 3 choices available:
  • Traditional High Tea - $30 - Bottomless tea; three types of finger sandwiches (selections rotate periodically); scones with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd; petits fours; and assorted tea cookies.
  • Sparkling High Tea – $35 - The same as Traditional but includes a glass of Prosecco (sparkling wine), a glass of white wine, or a Mimosa.
  • Children’s High Tea - $17 - A pot of tea or hot chocolate; one type of finger sandwich (child can choose from current selections); scone with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd; petit four; and assorted tea cookies.

Being new to Austin I wanted to check this place out so my friend and I and our daughters headed down town for an afternoon tea.  We arrived right at 2:00 PM for our Traditional High Tea and Children Tea. Our table was waiting for us.   It had a lace table cloth and we each had real tea cups and a tea light pot holder to keep whatever tea we chose warm.  There was a menu for the teas we could choose from and both my daughter selected hot chocolate with whip cream.  In addition we also found flower pins as our seat to put on and selection of hats you can borrow during the tea.   We chose a few hats, put on our flower pins and waited for the food.   We waited a while, which seemed a little odd since I don’t think they actually cooked any of the food onsite.  Once the food arrived it was on a 3 tiered tray.   We had a wonderful assortment of Petit Fours, Cookies, Raisin or Chocolate scones with Clotted Cream, Lemon Curd or Jam, and of course a selection of sandwiches.   My one daughter chose Peanut butter Jelly and the other chose Turkey while I received 3 different kinds.   


We sat we ate and we enjoyed our time.   There was way too much food which we boxed up after our dressed up afternoon tea in the city.     I wish the décor of the place was a little more rustic like a cottage or house like instead of a coffee shop but liked the fact they close the shop to all others on Sundays.   This place is also super small it looks like it could only hold about 16 people and every table was full on the day we went.  My kids had fun and we left full so all in all a good experience. 

See a sample menu for the tea and sandwich selections.

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