Thursday, October 20, 2016

What is BOOing? Have you been BOOed?

Have you been BOOed?   I have lived in 3 states with my kids and every one of them has had this new tradition.   Mysteriously one day in the month of October a bag of goodies is left at our door with a note to leave a sign that we have been BOOed in our window.   The next part is you have 2 days to BOO 2 more neighbors.   This means you need to head out to Target fast and pick up a handful of Target $1 bin items and some candy and Ding Dong ditch other neighbors all in the name of fun.   You can be creative as you want. 

Our 2016 BOO bag we received

If this trend has not come to your neighborhood you can always start a chain reaction of BOOing your self because who doesn’t like getting a candy surprise at your door.  Just make 2 -3 bags of treats and down load one of these printables (see the pic below of the boo printable we used from this site.)  Make copies of the “You have Been BOOed” window signs and the directions and drop the bags, signs and directions off to unsuspecting neighbors in secret.  My daughter loves dropping the bag, ringing the doorbell then running like hell. 

BOOing has become so popular you can even buy pre-made boo bags and chocolates at Target like these ones. 

We love making the bags and have our bags ready to go out today.   If all of your on neighbors have already been booed you can always drive to a neighborhood nearby where you have friends and start the booing there.   Spread the BOO love.

Happy BOOing every one.   

P.S.  - It doesn't have to just have candy or toys.  Adults like BOOs too just drop off a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine with the signs and adults are sure to enjoy.

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