Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chop Down Your Christmas Tree at Evergreen Christmas Farm in Elgin, Texas

You can chop down your own Christmas Tree at Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm in Elgin, Texas.

Once you arrive you hop on a tractor which takes you out into a field of trees.   They offer poles for measuring the tree and saws for cutting.  Once you have cut your tree down you put it back on the tractor and back to the main barn.  There they shake the tree and net it.  They also provide rope to help you transporting your tree.  

You pay for your tree inside where they have ornaments, nativity scenes, tree skirts, tree stands, toys and holiday decor. There are also fresh wreaths to purchase.   Bonus:  They take credit card.  If you but more than $20 you get to enjoy free marshmallows that you can roast in their fire pit.   They also sell hot chocolate, s’mores, sausage wraps and more. 

After cutting the tree there is tether ball, hopscotch and bean bag toss.  There is also a nature trail, farm animals (donkey), wood maze and monkey bars.   


There are 3 types of trees grown at Evergreen Farms: 

  • Virginia Pine -  These are small to medium  trees.  These are the most popular Christmas tree in the South. 
  • Leyland Cypress - These trees are dark green and are the most popular Christmas tree in the South-East.  Bonus: they do not produce sap.  
  • Arizona Cypress - These trees are pale-green to gray-green color. The leaves are tiny.  The Arizona cypress has a pleasing aroma.

They also have pre-cut:

  • Noble Firs - these trees needles turn upward. It has stiff branches good for hanging ornaments and the trimmings are good for wreaths and garlands.  (this was the tree we selected) 
  • Fraser Firs - These trees branches also turn upward. They are dark blue-green and have a pleasant scent.

If you have the time and want to check out a tree farm and see nature instead of buying you tree at a Box Store or Tree lot then drive to the country and check out a Christmas Tree farm. 

Saturdays 10am - Dark
Weekdays and Sundays 12pm - Dark
Open December 24 until 3pm  

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