Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for movies with servers and drinks

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a movie theater where drinks, dinner, snacks and popcorn can all happened from your movie theater seat.   Servers come to you, take your order and deliver your food. you even get a table to go along with those chairs that have cup holders.  Need a refill on the popcorn?   Just raise a card.  Want another margarita or glass of wine with your show?  Raise a card.   Does your child want some warm fresh out to the oven cookies to go with his viewing of Trolls?   Raise a card. It is fantastic.   You even have space in front of your seats to run to the bath room with out disrupting a whole row.  

The seats are assigned you can not just sit anywhere.  You get to choose your seats from a picture of available seats.   There is a kids menu where they can “choose their own adventure” prix fixe option, with one main dish, one side, and one sweet dish available from a select menu for $7. We chose a ham and cheese sandwich, french fries and a cookie but I have always been pleased with their pizzas. They have a good beer selection and great margaritas.   We usually get a bottomless bowl of popcorn as well. 

Now for the rules:  No child under 5 are allowed at a movie that starts after 6:00 pm ever. No exceptions even for kid movies.  I know we tried to see a 6:00 pm showing of Finding Dory and were told no.  So we stick to the earlier showings.   Also no talking or cell phone use is allowed.   Seriously.  They will kick you outChildren under the age of two are not allowed except for showings on Tuesdays before 6:00 pm, which are designated "Baby Day" showings where parents are encouraged to bring young children.   Finally, no coming in after the show has started.  They will allow you to change your tickets but they really want people to enjoy the movie experience. 

The Alamo Cinema and draft houses might be sweeping the nation but did you know it started right here in Austin, Texas in 1997.   There are over 20 Alamos in Texas.  There are even 2 in my old home state of Virginia in Winchester and Ashburn plus 1 in California in San Francisco, where we just moved from.  Other states they are located include:Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and New YorkSo go on out and check out this Austin Movie Theater chain and grab lunch or dinner.    

If  you follow my blog  you know my last one was on Murals of Austin.   Did you know the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on Slaughter Lane in Austin also has a mural?  It is part of the “Premier Project” celebrating the fusion of film and art.   The Alamo Drafthouse and Paramount Pictures had local Austin artist Mike Johnston, aka "TRUTH", paint the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mural on the side if the Slaughter Alamo and this mural can be seen when driving along Mopac in Circle C.   

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