Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Thinkery Gingerbread Workshops a Review

The Thinkery (Austin's Children Museum) is having Gingerbread Workshops December 3rd - 24th, 2016.  

Each workshop allows you to create a Gingerbread House with icing and candy.  They use fresh soft gingerbread from La Mexicana Bakery not the hard inedible kind you get in the box kits from the grocery store.   At the traditional workshop we got to sample the ginger bread before we started.  But in the Tech Gingerbread workshop no eating was allowed as batteries and glue guns were used in the preparation of the house. After you complete your gingerbread house you are welcome to explore the Thinkery while your house dries in the Gingerbread Village in the lobby. 

There is a Gingerbread Photo Booth for you to take photos too. 

There are 4 kinds of Gingerbread Workshops

1) Traditional Gingerbread Workshops - 1 hour - All Ages

2) Tot Gingerbread Workshops - 1 hour - Ages 5 and under

Cost for the Tot and Traditional Workshops 
$5 Member Adult or Child Workshop Fee or $12 Non-Member Adult or Child Workshop Fee
Plus $20 per Gingerbread House Kit 

3) Tech Gingerbread Workshops - 2.5 hours - Ages 8 and older - In this workshop you make a house with snap circuits making a lighted gingerbread houses. 

4) Candy Chemistry Gingerbread Workshop 2.5 hours - Ages 7 and older - Kids will learn to make spun sugar, mold-able marzipan and piping techniques to decorate their Gingerbread House. They will also make treats to decorate the house or to snack on. 

Cost for the Tech or Candy Chemisty Workshop
$5 Member Adult or Child Workshop Fee or $12 Non-Member Adult or Child Workshop Fee
Plus $30 per Gingerbread Tech Kit 

We did the Traditional with my 4 year old and then played in the museum while my 8 year old made a lighted ginger bread house with her father.   They both had fun and learned about circuitry. 

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