Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thinking about Spring Break 2017? Schlitterbahn Resort South Padre island

Spring break is less than 9 weeks away and if you want to have some fun with the kids and be by the beach you should try Schlitterbahn Resort South Padre Island.    Now I know there is already a Schlitterbahn nearby Austin in New Braunfels but the one in South Padre is really fun.   Plus it makes great economical sense.   The cost for one adult admission to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is $50.99 and a child is $38.99.  This means it costs $179.96 pre tax for the family of 4 to go to the local Schlitterbahn for just one day.

The price for a hotel room at Schlitterbahn Resort is $200 - $300 but it covers the cost for 4 to the water park plus a hotel room and you can choose between a beach front room or a pool or water park view.  During spring break only the indoor water park is open from 10:00am -6:00pm (March 11-18th 2017).  They heat the indoor park and pools.   The indoor park includes 2 tube slides, a pirate ship splash area great for little ones, a tidal wave river plus a heated pool with a swim up bar.  This is where my kids ate dinner nightly ordering hot dogs and frozen lemonades with nerds on top.   There are adult beverages available as well.

By the lobby and pizza place there is a carousel kids can ride plus a interactive game called Megablast.   At Megablast you shoot soft balls in a multi layer cage. Don't forget South Padre is an Island and you can enjoy the sandy beaches with beach chair and umbrella rentals. Plus there is a beach front pool.  

If Spring Break is too soon or you already have plans then when the summer heats up the giant outside water park opens up.   This water park was amazing.    Rio Aventura is an endless river that puts you on a conveyor belt so you can have continuous floating through out the day.  Part of the river even has white water rapids.  BEST PART ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WATER PARK from the river you can float into the lines of almost all of the water slides with out ever getting out of your raft.   You can ride Gale Force,  Pirates Plunge or Storm Chaser.  You just keep floating and going down slides or floating and relaxing.  There are double inter tubes you can share with little ones.  We brought our own life jacket.


The Tempest is a water roller coaster and feeds into the Rio Aventura.   There is also a giant sand castle play / spray structure and more water slides.


They also has a Boogie Bahn a boogie board area.   There are multiple restaurants on site or you can check out local fare.   It really is a fun place to go visit.  Bring a water pak for your phone but they sell them here as well.


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