Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spring Free Trampoline

It seems that ever since moving to Austin everyone here has a trampoline in their back yard.  My kids have been dying to get one.   We just need to finish our landscaping and then we promised we too will get a trampoline.    Most people on my street have opted for the Springfree trampoline so I headed to the Domain to see what the fuss is all about with these Springfree trampolines.   It is located at 3220 Amy Donovan Plaza #116, Austin, TX 78758 between Dicks Sporting Goods and Dillard’s.   They have 3 trampolines set up inside the store for you to try out.   There were cubbies for our shoes, even cliff bars, golf fish and juice boxes for the kids a chalk wall and a TV.   All to entertain the kids while the parents discuss what trampoline to purchase.   Only one jumper is allowed on the trampoline at a time.   You have to sign a waiver before you jump but where else do they allow you to jump inside a store before you buy a trampoline. 

Springfree trampolines - have no springs.  They use flexible composite rods.   They are branded as the safest trampoline.  they have a safety net that goes all around it and there are accessories like a basket ball hoop, ladder and ipad holder for the smart trampoline.   What is that you may ask?   It is called "Tgoma" which means there are sensors on the trampoline mat that connect via Bluetooth® to your ipad/tablet. These sensors track your movement and allow you to play interactive games on the ipad while you jump.  You can try this out on the trampoline at the store.   For adults you can get a work out app for the trampoline.  This allows you to track your calories and jumps.

Now lets get down to price.  These babies are expensive.  I mean really expensive. Their smallest starts at $1,749 and their largest is $2,599.  Tgoma is extra and so is the ladder, basket ball hoop and installation.  Your average Walmart, Sam Club, Costco, Target back yard trampoline costs between $300 - $600.  While we haven't made up our mind yet on which one to buy this store is great. They answer all your questions and you can try it out.   From the looks of other back yards I have seen these do seem to hold up longer outside and don't have springs that can lead to break downs in the trampoline and injuries.   My gymnastics loving daughter who is on gym trampolines a lot tells me that Springfree are bouncier.    I will let you know what we decide on later this summer.   Happy Jumping. 

Monday - Saturday 10AM - 8PM
Sunday: 12PM - 6PM

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