Thursday, February 9, 2017

Where to get the best burgers in Austin

Now what can I say there are a lot and I mean a lot of hamburger places here in Austin.   I have by no means tried them all but here are a few worth mentioning. 

1) Hopdoddy - has craft burgers and truffle fries.   They offer a kids burger that comes with regular fries and they sell amazing shakes like s'mores and nutella chocolate pretzel.  Bonus this place also has a full bar.    (3 locations in Austin and 1 in Round Rock)

2) P. Terry's - is great for on the go.   There is a drive thru and it serves fresh burgers and fries and even has a root beer milk shake the kids with love.   They also serve breakfast including homemade banana bread. (14 Austin area locations) 

3) Phil's Icehouse - with a variety of burgers to choose from and hot dogs, corn dogs and more for the kids.   They serve beer and wine.  (3 locations)   All 3 Phil's locations are co located with an Amy's Ice Cream.    Amy's makes ice cream, fruit ices and frozen yogurt.  It is best known for their world famous Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream.  Several have playgrounds.

4) Mighty Fine - has burgers that look and taste home made.  The have cheese and chili cheese fries as well as hot dogs, grilled cheese and shakes for the little ones. (5 Locations)

5) Hat Creek Burgers - offering a turkey burger and grain burger and salads too you can even take vegetarians to this burger place.   There sauces are delicious and go well with their regular or sweet potato fries. They have mini burgers, grilled cheese and chicken strips for kids. As well as milk shakes.   They serve beer and wine and breakfast too.  They also have playgrounds.  (6 Locations)

6) In-n-Out - as we have moved from California less than a year ago my kids still request to go to here and we all love it.   A #2 no onions is what I get but my husband loves the double lettuce wrap and animal style fries.  My kids like the size of their small burgers.   (3 Austin locations)

7) Burger Fi - has made to order burgers stamped with the burger fi logo.  They sell hot dogs and custard too.  Try a shake or float.  (1 Location)

8) Five Guys -  needed to be on my list.  I have been eating five guys burger since I was in grade school.   The original five guys was in Arlington, VA and then they closed and moved it to Alexandria, at the intersection of King and North Beauregard Streets.   Not a great location but very close to my parents house and where we would pick up there delicious burgers.  Now they have grown nation wide.   They offer only sodas, no shakes just made to order burgers.   (Peanut allergy alert) They offer free peanuts in shells while you wait.  (5 Locations)

9) Shake Shack  - This is exactly what it sounds like Shakes and Burgers.  Plus hot dogs and even a chicken dog.   They serve beer and wine and the Domain location has ping pong tables and corn hole. (2 Locations)  

10) Whataburger - This is a Texas based burger chain so I am adding to the list however it has been my least favorite.  It has a drive thru and those orange signs are hard to miss.  They offer fast food burgers, chicken and kids meals. Maybe I am missing something because many people like this place. (Many locations)

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