Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sweet Caroline's Snow Shack

The weather is warm and what's a better way to cool off than with a snow cone. But not just any snow cone a Sweet Caroline's Snow Ball.  This is a Louisiana style snow ball.   

How is a snow ball different from a snow cone?  Their snowballs are light and fluffy which is different from a granular ice snow cone.  They use a snow wizard machine that makes ice that absorbs the syrup.  New Orleans is the home of snowballs. Unlike other snow cone places this place purchases all of our machinery and flavors from New Orleans.

Sweet Caroline's is an Austin based business with multiple Austin locations. 1) 13497 Hwy 183 N 2) 5700 W Slaughter Lane 3) 8012 Mesa Dr. They only take cash and the small for $2.50 is quite a big size. For kids I recommend asking for a flat top as this is a little bit less ice and has a better chance of not falling over and getting sticky colored syrup every where. 

They have over 50 flavors. Like Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy and Root Beer some of my kids favorites.  

Once you order you can sit and eat in the shade.   Get out there on the next hot day when you want a cool refreshing treat and try one. 

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