Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Social Media Moms I love and you will too

Here is a list of 5 mom Youtube Channels / Facebook pages / Mom Entrepreneurs that are killing it in 2017.   If you don't fallow these guys on FB, Instagram or Youtube you need to be. They make me laugh so hard I cry sometime.  Happy to spread the joy. 

1) Cat & Nat
These 2 Canadian women met in high school and have 7 children between the 2 of them.   They are all over the internet on People Family, their Youtube channel,  The Cat and Nat Show, or Facebook these women are hilarious.  I always love their weekly #momtruths

2) I Mom So Hard 
Another pair of funny women are Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of imomsohard.   They can be found on Youtube Website, and Facebook.  These 2 Americans ladies make me laugh out loud.  #imomsohard

3) That's Inappropriate
Meredith Masony is a mom of 3 kids.  Her videos are funny but true things about husbands and life with kids. YoutubeFacebookwebsite  #winesday

4) The Holderness Family 
Now this family has been around a while.  They have 2 kids and a dog who live in North Carolina and make funny videos.  I love following them on facebook and they provide new videos weekly. Do you remember their thanksgiving parody of Adele's Hello - My kids were singing "They want Jello for their other side" for weeks. 

5) Kristina Kuzmic
This LA mom has 3 kids and posts video rants about parenting and children. YoutubeFacebookwebsite

Let me know you favorite mom youtuber's.  Is there anyone I am missing and need to be following?

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