Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Museum of the Weird

My daughter needs to visit museums and write reports on the museum she visits for school.   A list of Austin Museums was sent home as a guide to choose from.   We were excited to choose some thing a little different as she already reviewed the Thinkery and the Austin Toy Museum.  So she chose the Museum of the Weird.    They call them self america's strangest attraction.   I was looking forward to our visit.   

The location is on 6th street at 412 E. 6th Street.  It is called dirty sixth for a reason.   We grabbed nearby street parking and immediately there was a smell of beer and urine.  If that does not deter keeping walking until you get to the Lucky Lizard Curios and Gift, which is also where you get tickets for the museum.    This is an eclectic gift shop with post cards, statues and a whole section dedicated to big foot.   The store itself was interesting and sells lots of Keep Austin Weird memorabilia.   

Then we headed to the back of the store and entered via turn stile next to a fortune teller machine.   We saw mummies, skeletons, movie props like a gremlin and Alien from the movie Alien.  Plus lot and lots of taxidermy animals with multiple faces etc.   We quickly realized the museum was VERY small.   Then we were told to watch a tv.  The show Unsolved Mysteries from the 90s came on and discussed the Minnesota Ice Man, which was a sideshow of a man-like creature frozen in a block of ice that went around the US in the 1960s and 1970s.    The Iceman was thought to show the missing link between man and apes.   In the 1970s the Iceman disappeared for 30 or more years and was later sold on E Bay to Steve Busti, the owner of the Museum of the Weird.   After the tv show stopped you entered a back area (aka a garage) and get to walk by the frozen casket / ice man.   It looks like it had been thawed and re frozen many times and you could not see much of the so called hairy man ape in ice. No Photos are allowed of the Ice Man.

After that you sit on bleachers and get a side show like a magician or sword sallower.  The day we went we saw a guy with named John T. Rex.  He does not feel the effects of electrical current. To show us this he asked for a volunteer and then he grabbed an exposed end of an electrical cord and had the volunteer touch the light bulb to his skin to light it up.  After this he allowed anyone who wanted to fist bump and where you could feel an electric zap.   Then he asks for tips and will sign a poster.   The whole museum takes less than an hour.   It was really small definitely not worth the price of admission.    If you are into these kinds of things you might enjoy it.  My kids did not like it.   The store was cool and is free to stop by and shop.   I recommend that if you are in 6th Street.  

Museum Hours:
10:00am to Midnight, 7 days a week

Adults - $12
Kids under 8 - $7

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