Friday, June 30, 2017

5 things to do with Kids in Amsterdam, Netherlands

If anyone is looking for things to do with kids on a trip to Amsterdam here is a list I have complied after a recent trip I took with my kids.  My kids loved them all.   

1) Goat Farm Ridammerhoeve (Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve)

This farm is located in Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest).  The park is located just outside of Amsterdam in Amstelveen, however the park is owned by the City of Amsterdam.   At the park you can see goats, chickens, cows, pigs, a horse and a pony.  There is also a maze, large play ground and they sell food so you can have a meal or snack. 


They make cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, butter, fresh cheese and even ice cream from goat milk.  I purchased some goat cheese and a goat milk cappuccino that was quite good. My kids tried the goat milk ice cream and enjoyed the playground and feeding the goats with bottles.

Tip: we rented bikes and were able to bike all over the forest.  This was a lot of fun.

Goat Cheese
Goat Milk cappucino
2) Linnaeushof is Europe's largest playground.  This place has lots of rides that are all self powered. Be prepared to push and pedal and jump your way through a giant park all day.  You can spend hours there.   They have giant zip lines, boats, go carts, swings and spash pad, a play ground and so much more. 



3) Van Gough Museum -This place had a great treausre hunt.  You checked in at information.  Then you needed to find all these specific paintings and they helped you find them with clues.   Then write the title of the painting.   Finally you decoded a seceret word.  When you returned your hunt you recieved a sticker and got to select a Van Gough postcard from a selection.  The cafeteria was great too.  

Tip - If you are planning to go book your tickets online in advance as early as possible.  This way you avoid the lines.   Near the museum was Blushing Health Food Coffee - This was a great place to stop for lunch.   You could sit out side in an alley and there was a small play ground the kids could play at. 


4) Rent Bikes - Everyone bikes in Amsterdam and the rules are VERY different than in America.   First of all no one wears a helmet.   The have a variety of attachements like a traditional child seat behind or one on the hand bars but there was even a side saddle option for the front of the bike or back of the bike.   There are tandem bikes or Bakfiets,which are modern dutch cargo bikes that 2 kids fit in and you can carry with or without baggage.


5) Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt)  This flower market is a floating market but you can barely tell that the shops are on barges.  It is between Muntplein and Koningsplein.   There are lots of shops where you can buy souveniers, seeds and tulip bulbs or fresh flowers.  Plus there were lot sof cheese shops and a cheese museum we stopped in for free samples.   This is along the canal of Amsterdam in downtown and really pretty.   It was nice to walk around.   Tip:  There are wonderful canal cruises you can pick up near by. 



Thursday, June 1, 2017

15 Things To Entertain Your Kids On A Long Plane Ride Or Road Trip

Summer is here.  Many of you may be taking long road trips this summer like to the Beach, Grand Canyon or Disney.  Others may be flying.  If you have kids you know that long trips can be hard to keep those kids from complaining and occupied.   We are headed on a 10 hour plane ride this summer.   Wish me luck.  To combat the boredom that comes with a long trip trapped in a car or plane here are 15 surprise things I have packed to entertain my kids.   Bonus: Most of these items  mykids have are new so the surprise factor is also a Mom Win!  I plan on packing them in their carry ons with out them knowing.

1) Fidget Spinner - Okay my kid already has one of these but they are still fun and great to play with while sitting down.

2) A Mini Rubix Cube - This one is key chain size.   We can see if my kids can get this one back to solid colors on all sides. 

3) Neck Travel Pillows - These cute ones I got off Amazon. 

4) Color Wonder markers and Sheets - These are great because you do not need to have so many markers. These clear markers make all the colors on the special pages. 

5) New Crayons - These can be used everywhere and go in my purse for restaurants. 

6) Play - Doh - This can be a little messy but keep the plastic forks or spoons you get at the airport and your kids can play with these on their seat back table.

7) Tape Activity Book - This one we have never used before but looks cool.   You cut tape and add it to the pictures int he book to decorate it.

8) Silly Putty - Much like thinking putty and a little like play doh this will not dry out. 

9) Wikki Stix - These molding stix are great to make mini doodles / creations. 


10) Water Wow - These are going to be for my Kindergartner - The pen you fill with water and they can practice writing letters and numbers on the pages.  The paper dries and then can be reused.  The pen is refillable with water. 

11) Design Your Own Bracelets - Okay by now you know I have girls but I am sure there is something else similar for boys. 

12) Mad Libs - What kids doesn't love making up funny stories.  I mean how many times can you use poop as a noun. 

13) Ziggy Pasta - I got this from a Autistic Toy website but I thought the toy looks interesting and fun for all kids.  It is stretchy and sticky. 

14) Stretchy Mice and Cheese - You pull and stretch the cheese and get the mice in the holes. I got this toy from the same website at the pasta.  

15) Glitter Goo - Slime need I say more.  Kids love slim. 

When I return from my trip I will update you on which toys worked the best.  But for now I hope you enjoy the list.