Thursday, July 13, 2017

Top 10 things to do in Paris with Kids

If you are thinking of traveling to Paris with kids know that there will be a lot of walking.   Strollers are not the most convenient as it is a busy city and there are lots of stairs and very few elevators.   That being said the city has lots of small parks and playgrounds and people were very friendly to our family of four.

We rented an Airnbnb apartment instead of a hotel because it was cheaper and had a washing machine, which as anyone traveling with kids should know is always nice to have.  Plus the place had a view to die for and when our kids were tired we could head back home to wifi and chill with wine and this view.

Now here is a list of places your kids are sure to enjoy.

1) Eiffle Tower - How can you come here and not go up this recognizble structure. The views are amazing. I recommend the fast pass so you don't wait in long lines. Adults are 17 Euros, Ages 12-14 are 14.5 Euros,  kids 4-11 are 8 Euros and under 4 are free. At the bottom is Champs de Mars park which is a place you can picnic plus it has a small play ground and there is a carousel.


2) Monmatre - This is an art area surrounding a hill top where Sacre Coeur is located.  You can have your kids picture drawn by local parisian artists.  ok this one might be for the parents but there is a playground and carousel up by Sacre Coeur as well.  As well as many restaurants and gelato plus the views from the top of the hill are nice.


3) Jardin de Tuleries - This park is located between the Champs Elysees and the Louvre. It has a small trampoline park for a fee plus a carousel. There is also a large free playground.


4) Jardin de Luxembourg - This is a giant free park that has a kid playground Poussin Vert that is huge and charges admissions. The playground has a bathroom and sells ice cream, candy and snacks. There is also a grand basin where antique wood sail boats are available to rent and push aroud by stick. This was one of my daughter's favorite activites. We even were treated to a free live symphony. Plus there are pony rides and marionettes. You can really spend hours here in this beautiful park.



5) Boat tour on the Seine. You get great views of the Louvre, Eiffle Tower, mini statue of liberty, Musee D'Osray and Notre Dame and you do not ever need to walk. I recommed the Bateaux Mouche or Bateaux Parisian which are located by the Eiffle Tower or try out the Batobus which is cheaper and an is slower but had 9 stops and can be used as a hop on hop off all day instead of the metro.


6)  Notice I did not include many museums but definitely try some with kids. Lines can be long so we skipped the Louvre all together but smaller more managable museums like Musee D'orsay are worth a visit with kids. This musum had six different free leaflets that are available from the museum visitors' information desks. Each suggested a tour with a theme and highlighed 5 pieces children would like.  We chose Princes and Princesses and little brats but there were other to choose from here


7) Take the train to Versailles. The musical gardens are great. You can rent a golf cart and see the gardens by cart which allows you to cover more terrain than by feet. There are cafes where you can purchase to go lunch or have a sit down lunch.  Boat rentals are also available.


8) Notre Dame and Ile de la Cite - Notre Dame is beautiful and free.  We visited on a sunday and mass was going on.   We lit candles, said a quick prayer and then walked the entire exterior perimeter. There is a small play ground along the back and side.   You need to get ice cream at Berthillon, which is not a far walk.  Note: the line to climb to the bell towers was extremely long as they only allow 20 people up at a time. We never made it to the top.


9) Macarons - They sell them everywhere but Laduree is famous for them.  So we had to have them there.  Vanilla was suprising our favorite flavor. You can stop at any pastry shop and try all kinds of pastries, baguettes and meringues.  We even found a gelato place that put macrons on top at Amorino. This is Paris where calories don't count so try some of the delicious creations at any coner patisserie.

10) Shakesphere and Company - This english book store is great.  It has a children section in the back and piano upstairs as well as a resident cat.    You can pick up a book and grab a coffee and snack at their cafe.   They even have kids events upstairs.



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